Hi there! I'm Natasha Rooney, the Web Technologist at GSMA, Co-Chair of W3C WebMob and an Otaku living in Japan. My job requires me to be an expert in web technologies; my current major interests are Web Security and methods to make webapps run offline. I attend W3C and IETF regularly.

I speak often at a number of events. Speaking highlights include being a panelist at the Internet Society, moderating at Edge Conference and speaking at London Web Standards. Please email me or let me know on Twitter or on natasha(at) if you'd like me to speak at an event.


I currently have a free speking diary. My next talking topics will be WebAppSecurity, HTTPS and understanding why security is necessary across various types of networks. Once I have designed the talks I will be scheduling speaking sessions.

Past Talks

  • JQuery UK: "Service Workers on Vacay", building simple apps with ServiceWorkers, understanding the code and questions to be answered. Mar 2015 (video) (slides)
  • WIDE Meetup & W3C Japan Meeting: Update on the recent movements in the W3C WebAppSecurity Working Group including new work and examples. Dec 2014 (slides)
  • IDCon: Overview of the architectural and design elements of "Mobile Connect". Dec 2014 (slides) (website)
  • HTML5J: Update on the W3C WepAppSecurity Working Group work. Nov 2014 (slides) (website)
  • ISOC @ IETF91: Speaker and panelist on the Internet Society's "Is Identity an Internet Building Block?" panel discussion. Nov 2014 (slides) (video)
  • Edge Conference: Panelist on the "Secuity and Identity" panel. Sep 2014 (video)
  • W3C Web Cryptography Next Steps: Panelist on the "Hardware Tokens" panel. Sep 2014 (website)
  • Mobile Asia Expo: Talk on new movements in making web apps work offline. Jun 2014 (slides)
  • W3C Workshop on Web Payments: Moderator for the "Toward an Ideal Web Payment Experience" panel. Mar 2014 (website)
  • London Web Standards: Talk on offline capabilities in mobile web apps and understanding the flow through the mobile network. Mar 2014 (slides) (website)
  • Future of Web Apps: Speaker at the workshop on "Building Responsive Cross-Platform HTML5 Applications and Deploying them on FirefoxOS". Nov 2013 (website)
  • FirefoxOS Meetup @ Telefonica: Talk on AppCache and ServiceWorker. Oct 2013 (slides)
  • Over the Air: Talk on experiences with AppCache and how the new concept of ServiceWorker could solve the offline web apps question. Sep 2014 (slides)
  • Edge Conference: Moderator for the "Payments" panel featuring panelists from Google, Mozilla, Telefonica, Financial Times and PaySwarm. Sep 2013 (video)


I write a number of technical documents for audiences from CEOs to new developers. Some of these documents can be shared. If you have interest in a document please let me know on Twitter or on natasha(at) Examples of my documents:

  • Understanding Network Management Drafts at IETF
  • Overview of QUIC
  • Analysis of OTT App Architecture
  • Open Source Development Framework and Mobile Operators
  • Position Paper: Web of Things
  • Position Paper: Payments
  • Position Paper: Web Cryptography
  • Increased Use and Implementation of TLS
  • HTTP2 Analysis
  • Mobile Edge Computing

Living in Japan

I have been living in Tokyo since May 2014. I am here both for work and because I am a shameless otaku, loving everything from video games through to anime.

My all-time favourite anime are Cowboy Bebop, Lucky Star and Spirited Away. In gaming I'm a long term fan of Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Mass Effect. Seriously, my Shepard kicked ass.

Living in Japan is not just about the pop culture! Japanese food is amazing, the landscape is beautiful, cities are vibrant, and the dev scene here is great. If you're visiting please let me know!

Web Experiments

This site is subject to my web experiements; which means this site is either an excellent example of new web practices working or (more likely) is failing horrifically. In any case, these are the techs making this site tick:

  • HTTPS with StartSSL - setting up HTTPS is a pain, but it's worth it. StartSSL has free entry level certificates.
  • Responsive Web Design Basics (Google) - tutorial in getting your site to look great across devices.
  • SVG - social icons are now all SVG, so they look pretty on high end devices.

Next things to add

Er, we certainly are not done! Here are some more experiments coming soon: