Natasha Rooney | thisNatasha

Natasha Rooney | thisNatasha

Thank-you for visiting the site! Here's a little information about me; if you want more detailed information I suggest you visit my LinkedIn Profile or social media accounts linked in the footer.

At AWS I work as a Solutions Architect helping Video Games companies plan their cloud architectures using AWS Services. In previous roles I have been hired as the expert in Internet and Web working with standards groups at IETF and W3C on both technical topics and those which touch on process and policy. I have commercial development and Engineering Manager experience delivering time-dependant and numerous web products.

I'm a fan of Japanese pop-culture and travel. I lived in Japan for two years between 2014-2016 and I speak intermediate level Japanese. I also play a large number of video games; I enjoy all genres although favourites are RPGs, Action Adventure, Puzzle and near enough anything Nintendo!

I stream video games on Twitch. I play a variety of games and happily chat to viewers about gaming, work, or any questions related to content on my YouTube channel. On Youtube I focus on Japan Travel and Disney Parks. I'm particularly interested in theming and ride tech (especially trackless rides), and planning excellent vacations!

I currently live in London, one of my favourite cities. I'm very interested in visiting new places, let me know about the great things in your part of the world on social media.

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